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I knew from the beginning that photography was my love. Even more than ice cream. My very first paying job was Santa's elf, photographing children with a huge polaroid setup. I was eleven. I soon found that my signature style is all about the light. Whether it's natural and soft or sexy and full of drama, I'm always on the hunt for the perfect light. 

1. I have three boys. Occasionally, with my sweet husband, who is my best friend, It turns into four Children...Mainly while they are playing Fallout or Call of Duty.
2. I love dogs. I will probably greet your pet first. Sorry, I love furry, lovable slobber boxes. .
3. If you see me actually running, you better take off because the zombie apocalypse is upon us and we are all about to die. you have been warned. .
4. I love cookie dough......and watching Snapped. Don't judge me.
5. I probably drink way too much coffee.
6. In my mind I often refer to my sister, Jess and my Mom, Pat as "Balls and Backbone." .
7. A good day means my hair has been brushed, a great day means it's actually fixed.
9. I use to be an elf.
10. I randomly rub soft, furry things in stores......yes, I have texture issues.....it takes me to my happy place
11. I have a slight Pinterest addiction. I'm thinking about starting Pinterest Anonymous. It'll be fun. We'll have t-shirts.  

about us


When I showed up at Misty's studio, I had no idea that the resulting photographs would completely change the direction of my life. As a woman on the precipice of beginning to love her body, Misty made me feel comfortable throughout our session. And when I saw the photographs, for the first time, I felt beautiful. Those photos gave me hope and I never looked back. Today, with an international TV program and a book under my belt, I think back often to the photos that started it all, and I am so thankful for Misty for helping me see my beauty.

 Whitney Way Thore

star of TLC "My Big Fat Fabulous Life"

"You are unique and special. It's my job to bring that out and show you the beauty that's been there all along. Don't ever let someone make you feel that you are less than perfect just the way you are."

-Misty Felde

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Founder of The No Body Shame Campaign

"Everyone is beautiful"

This journey has brought out my innate desire to give each of my clients a life changing experience. I want every person to feel the beauty that is their own. We all feel insecure at times. Dealing with those same insecurities myself, I feel that gives me a unique perspective to help make you feel comfortable, confident and secure. I know how I would want to feel, so you can trust me to be there with you every step of the way.
Don't worry, I've got you...



In life, generally, I feel that I can be fairly articulate at times. Let me just say, seeing 12 to 13 TLC crew members in your studio can throw you into an all out panic attack and bring out the most southern slang. Yes, I threw out the ol' North Carolina "Heck" bomb all while trying not to lose my lunch! An actor, this anxiety ridden stage fright girl, I am not...  
Being a part of the No Body Shame episode was such a proud moment. Watching Whitney go through the process of striping down the modern day cover ups, hair and make-up, and giving me the opportunity to photograph her and Babs in such a beautiful and natural, yet vulnerable state will stay dear to my heart.


That one time we did an episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life...

Season 2

*As featured in In Touch Magazine


"If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be."

-Maya Angelou


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A wedding is something a girl dreams of her whole life! You take months to prepare for it & Once that magical day is over, what do you have to take from it? PICTURES! Pictures are one of the only investments you make during a wedding that you actually have once the day has past! So to make those pictures well worth it, Misty Felde Photography is the only choice to make! she will capture the most special moments of your day & make each picture look more amazing than the last! She goes above and beyond to help you remember each amazing part of your day One investment you don't want to hesitate to pay for is the talent of Misty! You won't be disappointed!


Misty did our wedding pictures and we were pleased with our choice. Photos of your big day and very important and Misty and her mom, Pat, did not disappoint. They took the time to get all the pictures we wanted and even went above and beyond by having a private session AFTER our wedding to ensure we got all the pictures that we were looking for. This duo is a ton of fun to work with and they make you feel very comfortable. We were so glad we had Misty be in charge of our special day!


Misty Felde photography is is a great business to use if you are looking for high quality pictures with a one of kind look. Their family partnership gives a more "at home" feeling when you are with them because they are so thoughtful, fun and still very professional. Their unique eye for capturing pictures separates them from the traditional wedding pictures. If you are looking for a photographer that documents the most important memories of your life and creates beautiful pictures, Misty Felde Photography is a great choice


Wow! Misty and Pat make a wonderful team. They fit in so well and by the end of our wedding events they were part of the family. Both Heather and Krystal could have not picked any better photographer. We are truly blessed to have worked with them.


Misty Felde does an amazing job! She captures memories that will last a lifetime. I took my engagement, bridal portraits, and wedding day photos with her and it was exactly what I wanted! She is well worth it! 


I knew I wanted Misty to photograph my wedding a year before I was engaged. I loved her style of photography. After meeting her and Pat, I was even more sure. We loved our engagement pictures, but our wedding pictures blew me away. They're more beautiful than I could have imagined, plus these ladies are so much fun to work with. They have a calming presence that a bride needs on her wedding day.


Misty Felde was the photographer for my daughters wedding. The photos she took were actually works of art. Misty has a natural instinct that allows her to see things, (poses, back drops, natural backgrounds), that many never see as a once in a lifetime piece of art; an original you will never find anywhere else. We were overwhelmed with the photos. I have highly recommended her to several friends. They have also raved about her work. She's a rare jewel, with unparalleled talent.


misty felde photography was the vendor of choice for our daughters beach wedding. The quality and uniqueness of Misty's work is amazing. She puts a lot of effort in bringing the beauty and personality of her client to life in her photos. WOW!! What a great job! Simply beautiful! I rated this vendor a 5.0 because it is absolutely true. I cannot say enough good things! I really didn't have any idea what to expect to pay for photography but I was more than pleased with what you get for your money! All you need to do is visit the website and you will see the quality of work in these individuals.


Misty & Pat are both amazing people to work with! They definitely know how to capture the best moments in life & their fun personalities make for some good laughs along the way. Love them & their beautiful work!


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We offer a wide variety of photography. In addition to one of a kind customized senior imagery and sports, we photograph children and families, pets, headshots, sports and hobbies, commercial photography, personal branding and corporate work. And although we no longer offer wedding photography we do specialize in after wedding newlyweds, engagements and bridals.
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